Wrap-up, and more things I learned this week

This concludes our culture module! I’ve enjoyed this a lot; long-form blogging is something I’ve always wanted to give a try, and I think I’ve liked the experience.

My serious digital studies stuff is all in my reflection, so here’s an attempt to bookend my first real post.

  1. That seeing plays your suitemate is doing costume run crew for is even more fun than seeing plays.
  2. That (and this is always the case!), I support our school newspaper and the people who make it happen! (Or: that reading newspapers your suitemate does layout for is even more fun than seeing newspapers.)
  3. That the best office hours leave you with more questions rather than answers. Also, no clue what to write an essay about this weekend. But I feel better about having no clue than the clues I had yesterday.
  4. That getting up early is good, and that so is fall weather.
  5. That, contrary to point #3, so is sleeping in.
  6. That time differences suck, but that getting texts in your morning that your friend who’s studying abroad in Switzerland sends you in her morning has its good points.
  7. That my dad should travel internationally and then “have to” drive back from Dulles in the morning and “be forced to” stop by Fredericksburg and hang out with me more often.
  8. That I might need sleep?
  9. That World War One literature is depressing but fascinating. (Rebecca West, represent!)
  10. That blogging is fun, and that digital studies is a valuable and versatile area of study that I like very much, and that I look forward to doing whatever it is I do for it next.

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